CityGate partners with the Shared Life Exchange by promoting its events, and circulating the Toolkit for Living in Shared Home.

ABOUT the shared life exchange

The Shared Life Exchange is a network of people learning to live well with others, inspired by Christian faith. The Exchange aims to:

  • equip, resource, and encourage those who have committed to intentional shared life;
  • offer a space to explore the art and practice of community living;
  • connect communities and people living shared life

They host Community Café events, featuring a short presentation on a specific theme followed by discussion. Some recent themes already include making decisions in community, COVID-19 and community living and household transitions

Shared Life Exchange Toolkit

This toolkit provides you with practical and theoretical steps to enhance your living in community. The toolkit encompasses developing a vision for shared life, models of shared homes, starting from scratch, embracing new members in established houses and much more… 

 If you are an experienced in shared living or beginning this journey, we invite you to use this toolkit as a resource. 

The toolkit can be sent to you as an attached .pdf file.

Request to receive a copy of Shared Life Exchange Toolkit

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