Creating Conversation: A weekly editorial for people to spark dialogue with the Church in Vancouver. How do we foster better conversations about issues that matter among different churches and Christ followers in Vancouver? This question has prompted Tim to work alongside Flyn Ritchie in curating a weekly opinion editorial column in the Church for Vancouver. In this column, a variety or writers will be invited to speak to the Church in Metro Vancouver. We hope to invite people who have an important word for our city to write an op/ed that will stimulate our imaginations for how we might share in God’s restoring work in our city.

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Church for Vancouver works to encourage unity in Vancouver churches as they work for the good of the city. 

They focus primarily on the City of Vancouver and its immediate neighbours, but also take note of significant movement, events, and people in Metro Vancouver. 


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Jesus was a Refugee

Jesus was a Refugee

One of the more under-the-radar features of the story of Jesus’ birth is the reality that Mary and Joseph had to flee their home country to protect Jesus from the violence of Herod’s regime. Mary and Joseph’s experiences as refugees was not new to the people of God:...