CityGate partners with City in Focus in the overlapping areas of their visions. This includes connecting people, resources, and the church in conversation and action for the good of the city. One recent example of this partnership is raising money together  for the Communities of Care for Vulnerable Neighbours through the Christian Leaders’ Response Fund.  To date, we have raised over $300,000 towards our goal of half-million dollars.  This money goes directly to churches to help them enhance or develop meal programs for people needing food in their neighbourhoods.

ABOUT city in focus

City in Focus has been a partner from CityGate’s beginnings and shares this overlapping vision to connect the church with the city.  City in Focus has a particular emphasis on connecting business leaders with ministries to help fund and support them. Tom Cooper, the director of City in Focus, has had both a chaplain and organizing role among the business community and churches for three decades.