Practicing the Shared Strokes of Community, Hospitality, Justice, and Confession

by Tim Dickau
Foreword by Charles R. Ringma
Published by: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Published: January 2011

What practices might a community of faith take up that will bear witness to the alternative world Jesus envisions and calls us towards? That is the question that Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, an initially small and fragile group of Christ followers, has kept asking over the last twenty years. Along the way, this small group has spawned a vibrant community of faith that has traveled along four trajectories towards a shared life in community, radical hospitality, justice for the least, and confession leading to transformation. In a culture where individualism, consumerism, injustice, and autonomy shape us all, these practices have re-shaped not only the people of this church but also the neighborhood they inhabit in the East side of Vancouver, British Columbia. For anyone wanting to recover ancient but newly shaped practices of the first disciples, Plunging into the Kingdom Way offers renewed hope. By relating their story in conversation with a host of theologians, sociologists, and philosophers, Tim Dickau sparks the imagination for how you and your friends, your community, or your church can live out the radical vision of Jesus in your neighborhood today. Plunge in and you will discover renewed hope that you can actually follow the way of Jesus today.

About the author

Tim holds a Master of Divinity from Regent College and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Carey Theological College. He is author of “Plunging into the Kingdom Way” that describes four trajectories Grandview Church moved towards including practices of radical hospitality, shared life among cultures, seeking justice for the least and confession.  His forthcoming book, “Humility and Hope: Forming Christian Communities in a Secular Age,” is due out in the fall of 2020.  In addition to this work with CML, Tim is also now serving as Director of City Gate Leadership Forum, mentoring pastors and churches toward a parish, kingdom vision.  The organization has a goal to help churches and communities pursue systemic change through creation of housing, food security and other responses needed in particular Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Tim lives with his wife Mary, one of three sons and a daughter-in-law, a beautiful grandson and many mealtime guests.  He and Mary have lived with over 38 people in the last 27 years and this has become a way of life for them.   He is passionate about widening our imagination for how we can be the church in a way that brings hope and transformation among both persons and societal structures in particular neighborhoods.