Part of Tim’s passion is to meet with communities, churches, and leadership teams to assist them in making transitions that will lead towards a deeper shared life and engagement in their neighbourhood or place.

Tim brings thirty years of pastoral experience and over ten years of experience in teaching and equipping community leaders. He teaches on forming Christian community, community development, urban mission, and understanding secular society.

For the last decade, he has met with numerous churches to tell Grandview’s story, hear the story of their community, and help them transition to a renewed future.


Building community

Renewing your church’s vision and life

Understanding and engaging your neighbourhood more deeply

Designing a visioning process

Beginning a second or new congregation

Ways to make better use of your building and land

Developing affordable homes and housing




“Tim’s consultation at our church was great because everyone had an opportunity to take stock of their own community and to hear what everybody thinks we are really great at. Hospitality came up as one of our biggest asset and being an intergenerational community, our growing focus on children and our free and clear property were identified as strong assets as well.

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In subsequent conversations, it was great to hear that people were both surprised and encouraged by what was share. This I think is just gold. When you can bring to the surface the things that God is stirring in our community, it’s such a great way grab a hold of our collective vision. I think the consultation was excellent just because you get cooperative listening. It was a wonderful experience. We are going to encourage our small groups to have continuing conversations. So, I’m excited for this year.” 

Samuel Lee

The Tapestry Mundy Park


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