“Hospitality begins at the gate, in the doorway, on the bridges, between public and private spaces. Finding and creating threshold spaces is important.”

Christine Pohl


CityGate Vancouver works to form connections among local churches with each other and  with civic leaders and organizations in Greater Vancouver. The purpose of these connections is to bring transformation to our neighborhoods and its people.

Church Partnerships

CityGate is inviting churches to enter into a partnership agreement.

Partnership with CityGate connects your church with other churches, within and beyond your own denomination. We fill a collaborative vacuum and help the Church work together in the City. A partnership with CityGate connects your churches with valuable resources for strengthening your own local mission.

Through gatherings, conferences, courses, community development processes and more, CityGate is helping churches engage their neighbourhoods and address the issues of our city in a fuller way.

Upcoming Events

Serve Our schools

Saturday, October 14, 2023 – CityReach Broadway @ 9:30am 

A free, impactful event designed to envision how your church can partner with a local school in your neighbourhood. Through panel discussions, breakout groups and storytelling, you’ll leave feeling empowered to to serve your local school. 

Mental Health Response in the Church

June 13, 2023 – St. Andrew’s Hall

Our final session of a 3-part series, aimed at inviting churches to consider what can be enacted after participating in the Sanctuary Course. Through conversations, imaginings, brainstorming and collaborating, church cohorts have been developing ideas that can be developed into a handbook that will be made available to all churches.



The Certificate in Missional Leadership is a three year program, offered through St. Andrews Hall, designed to help churches develop and grow into missional communities.


Citygate assists churches in the initial stages of developing affordable housing projects, exploring possibilities and options for initial funding.


In collaboration with Church for Vancouver, Citygate provides a weekly editorial; a series of articles written with the purpose of sparking dialogue across the Church in Greater Vancouver. 

places for dialogue


Jesus was a Refugee

Jesus was a Refugee

One of the more under-the-radar features of the story of Jesus’ birth is the reality that Mary and Joseph had to flee their home country to protect Jesus from the violence of Herod’s regime. Mary and Joseph’s experiences as refugees was not new to the people of God:...